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a lil help from a silent friend (hello btw)
I haven't formally introduced myself yet. i will do that in the new members thread(havent searched yet).

So i have been using xbmc for around 1 1/2 yrs now and am kinda decent at doing 'stuff' on the pc and have written a couple of batchfiles that will help those out there without a powerful enough computer to run xbmc on top of windows.

Quote:this is for the people running winxp>win7 (im running win7 on a toshiba sattelite with a 1.70ghz processor and only 512mb of ram)

Go to
to download joy to key.

Extract joytokey.exe and joytokey.ini to the xbmc folder.

Next Extract xbmc!.cfg, joytokey.bat, and killexplorer4xbmc.bat from this zip folder intothe xbmc installed directory (should be c:/program files/xbmc)then create a shortcut of the joytokey.bat and copy it to a flash drive or some where you can access from any user account, you will need this later.

Now create a user profile on your window machine, log in to the new user account and go to my computer>properties>advanced tab>Perfomance settings button>click on the adjust for best performance bullet, select apply>click OK>click OK again in the sytem properties to exit.

Now the shortcut you created earlier can be put in the statup folder in the start menu of the new account. log off and log back in.

when ever youre done using xbmc you can press in on the right joystick button and exit xbmc, you will automatically be logged off and brought back to your logon screen.

The xbmc!.cfg file is a configuration setup for joytokey and is intended for those using (or wanting to use) xbox360 controllers on their pc with xbmc. The controls are as close to the xbox setup as i could get. They may also work with the original xbox contoller and other controllers with the same 10 buttons and 3 axis controllers, however these are untested by me but you're free to try and report back how it worked.

Get back to me and tell me what you think folks! Here is the link for the files
What's the benefit of running XBMC on a seperate win user profile?
settings, and a few other things are all fresh and almost untampered allowing faster response time. its almost like haqving it running all by itself like a live cd install which i had absolutely no luck getting up and running on my old computer so this is the nest best thing imo

a lil help from a silent friend (hello btw)00