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VC1 Flag for M2TS rips
I have ripped my HDDVD's and Bluray discs in the M2TS (Bluray) format. No problems with playback. However I notice that the videos with H264 streams show a media flag for H264, but the ones with VC1 do not. If I pull up the media playback info it shows that the video stream is VC1 (This information is exactly the same as the information displayed by my MKV's). Is there some reason this flag is not working? My MKV files with VC1 streams show up fine with their media flags. (Using Confluence, by the way)
Bump. Any ideas? I'm using XBMC live if that makes any difference (although I doubt it would).
And another bump, adding an image showing what MediaInfo shows for each file.


The only difference I see is that the MKV (Created with the mkvtoolnix) says VC1 (Microsoft) vs the tsMuxer m2ts shows just VC1. Does this help anyone have a better idea?


VC1 Flag for M2TS rips00