RTSP:// protocol support for XBMC

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mplayer (on linux&win) now supports rtsp:// streaming protocol for realmedia streams. several tv channels, available online, are only available through rtsp:// as the streaming protocol.

i wanted to give a try adding rtsp:// support to xbmc last night. it worked nicely. i've watched the rte news (http://www.rte.ie) for about 30 minutes with no trouble. i did not looked for memory leaks or so, i only wanted to see if rtsp:// could be supported with xbmc+mplayer

are there known show stoppers to add rtsp:// support to xbmc ?
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ezar maintains an experimental mplayer build here http://www.telefonica.net/web2/ezarzone/mplayer.rar that i'm told supports live.com which supports rtsp: maybe give it a try?

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i will. thanks for the link.

however, xbmc also needs some changes to accept rstp:// urls.
i've added "rtsp://" string matchers along with already existing 'streaming' protocols (such as mms://, http://, ...) in a couple of xbmc files.

the mplayer source code available from the xbmc cvs repository already supports rtsp://, there is only a couple of line to add in the xbox custom sections.
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see this post https://sourceforge.net/tracker....d=87054

works for rtsp/rdt... (realmedia suport)
i'm working in rtsp/rtp support (live.com)


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