Feature request: volume bar

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Hi all,

First thanks a lot for the great work. This app is way better than the other xbmc remotes on the app market.

I have a feature request.

I like the idea of the volume controlled by the volume buttons. However it is difficoult to figure out if the volume is already at the maximum or minimum without a volume bar. Idially the volume bar should behave exacly like the volume bar that appears when changing ringtone volume.

Thanks again
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It's not trivial because we'd have to be announced on volume changes if the user changes volume directly in XBMC or with another client. Or we pull the current volume each time before you change it, or after that, which will in both cases lead to a delay.

But you're right there should be an indicator. You're welcome to create a ticket on the issue tracker but for now you'll have to trust your ears.

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