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Chart of keystrokes and the response they evoke
Does anyone have a chart of the keystrokes that xbmc responds to and the response they generate?

I'm looking into a utility for remote configuration based on windows registry entries and lirc.

If anyone has a chart for WMC, I would appreciate that too.

I'd like to have the buttons be similar.

My idea is to enable options for response to certain buttons independent of the code within xbmc. For example, xbmc treats power as shift alt f4 and exits. However, I've found that I much prefer for the power button to be treated as sleep/suspend, and edited my remote registry to interpret the power key as the keyboard sleep button.
you can find this in the xbmc wiki...

there are keystrokes and what they do, as well as MCE remote configuration

start here:

and then search for yourself Smile

Chart of keystrokes and the response they evoke00