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Has anyone modded PM3.HD to use plus? Sorry if I missed it in here somewhere already, I did look.

I was playing around with Nukka's mod to confluence on my mac and would love something same/similar on my xbox.


first off, hat tip to Jess_X for what I still think is the best skin (IMO). I've tried others but I keep coming back!!! In fact, my wife ain't to happy when I going looking around other skins Wink

Anyhow, I am also interested in the idea of integrating into the Weather Menu. I was thinking about giving this a shot (completly new to this sort of thing) but was wondering if this has been tried already or if not, some advice?


My suggestion would be to copy the confluence ones and then mod the style to fit pm3.hd would be way easier than starting from scratch
ok - sounds logical

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