Very low audio volume when playing video files
hi there!

for several of the new versions of xmc i have found that when i playback video files (streamed from my pc over ccxstream) the volume level is extremely low.

i am forced to turn my amplifier to almost maximum volume to even hear what people are saying in the film.  this occurs with a wide selection of different video files.

i have had this probklem with the very latest xbmc 1.1 as well as 1.0.  i am forced to use the old xbmc from may since it is no problem with those earlier builds.

i am using a modded 3 year old xbox, expanded hard 80 gb drive and the latest cvs build.  this occurs with both digital and analog audio settings.

when i try increasing the audio amplification (from 0db) it just results in audio clipping and the sound gets really distorted...

any help is appreciated. apologies if i have not supplied enough info!

try pressing up on the right thumbstick
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spot on!

that fixed it .... volume is back and i can enjoy the latest release!

thanks for the quick response!

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I know this thread is pretty old. But I had to thank for the solution. I have been pulling my hair for the last 2 weeks until I found this. I normally use the DVD remote, so was not sure what I did. Registered here to just to post this. :-) Thanks again.
One thing to note, if you are using a logitech wireless control (or even have one plugged in) it sometimes glitched and starts randomly lowering the volume... 99.9% of the time i use my Logitech Harmony with the DVD Kit IR reciever to control my livingroom box, but since i use rechargable batteries, sometimes i have a period of time i cant use it while the batteries are recharging. I then switch to my logitech Xbox controller, and this randomly happens. The only fix i have found is pulling the batteries out of the controller and putting them back in...
what if this did not fix my problem? i have a mce remote and try up on the volume and tried the right thumb stick and neither works! i have my reciever on full blast and when i play a game its waaay too loud but when i am in mce i can barely hear it! any suggestions?
When you say "when i am in mce", are you referring to XBMC... or Media Center Extender? The two are entirely different programs, and the controls for one are unlikely to work in another.
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