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yes, that's what this will achieve. git works a bit differently. you have your own, local repository you can commit to. you then create patches creating the changes done in those commits.
Hmm. I installed Tortoisegit and then I did a checkout of addons repo. Should I make a local repo of that or is it done automatically?

Sorry for such lame questions spiff, but Git is new for me.
you didn't checkout. you CLONED Smile you already have it. it's simply how git works.
I should first rtfm then ask. Wink
If I fail at making a diff I'll ask. Thanks spiff.
See if this can get you going with git and patches:

Thanks hudo I have actually saw that topic a while ago. I really like GUIs Wink I think that I did it:
1) commit
2) create patch serial
3) version since: remotes/origin/playground
4) clicked OK and presto there is a patch file

This is first part of translations, to check if my patch is done properly. Check it out spiff:

Is it OK?
please make one patch per add-on. reason is some of them have upstreams and we will have to send those diffs to them. this is even more important on the other add-on types!
OK. Any quick way to do it automagically withing Tortoisegit?
never used tortoise-git Smile

i can handle the scraper one. just do it for the others please.
okay, scratch that. your patch is against the master branch. you need to use the dharma-pre branch. since you have to redo no matter, please split the commits Smile
So while creating patch I must select sine "remotes/origin/dharma-pre"? Or what?
yeah, select remotes/origin/dharma-pre. you'll notice quite some more add-ons and that some of the work you have done is unfortunately void.

change one addon. commit. change another one. commit. and so on.
OK. Restarting then Wink
Done. Feeling little dizzy for such mechanical clicking, commiting, creating patch and so on Wink Updated trac ticket #10369. (zip file) Is it OK now?
no. it's still against the wrong branch. e.g. there's no any more, it's split in two - and

make sure you jump to the correct branch BEFORE you start doing tons of work.

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