compress mt2s to mkv?
I would like your kindly advice on compressing specs on mt2s to mkv while keep enough quality for my 50' LG PlasmaTV (1080).

I have been backing up my blu-ray discs to iso format in my hard disk. Please provide me a detail instruction on converting them to smaller mkv file size. I can only open blu-ray iso files with MakeMKV software. What would be the setting for smaller file size while good enough for my TV playback? screenshot would be good Smile

I would like to keep 7.1 or 5.1 English audio for my 7.1 surround sound system ONLY, and keeping English all Asian languages subtitles only. I notice some movie scene have multiples VIDEO playback in different languages, but I only want to keep the English one. (For example, the adventure book cover in the animation movie, Up)

I already found AnyDVD HD to remove all advertising and trailer before playing it on PowerDVD)

I have more than 40 movies in my collection. I would like to convert them all for playing in XBMC.

MKV subtitle languages selectable from XBMC (If I use MakeMKV)?

Thank you.
I am trying to backup and compress my 2018 Terminator Salvation blu-ray disc to MKV format.

I used AnyDVD HD to find only needed mt2s files from the blue-ray disc. I found this movie has so much individual movie language scenes. I would like to keep only English and Asian languages. Please advice on how to do so. How to I keep it output only one MKV file (title)? This movie have over 300+ mt2s files inside the bdmv folder.
I am finding the best conversion method on MT2S to MKV:
What is the best MT2S to MKV file sized ratio? 50%, 60%, 70%?
How could I achieve a file size reduction? What are the files I can remove?
Forced subtitle?

  • If 007 Quantum of Solace's blu-ray disc is sized 29GB, how big should its MKV's size be?
  • If "Terminator Salvation" is 42.6GB, how big should it be?
  • If "Stealth" is 20.4GB, how big should it be?

I would like to keep all English and European subtitles (no Asian's), while playing English audio only. My theater system can output 7.1 surround sound. What should I do with the audio selection?

Thank you for your help. Wink
AnyDVD lets you choose the title and streams you want. And neither AnyDVD nor MakeMKV transcode, convert, or otherwise compress the data. They simply strip out the DRM and put the requested streams into a container. If you want to compress those files further, you need to use something like Handbrake which has been recommended to you in at least one of the other threads you started on this topic.

Compression quality is subjective. You will have to experiment and determine what you consider to be acceptible loss of detail.
vkylau, please only make one thread for the same topic.
Hmm, I like to demux in ts-muxer then remux (with added internet subtitle) in mkvtools. Along the way I use TS-Muxer's ability to downgrade HD audio to good old DTS and AC3 because I haven't gotten better than that working on XBMC consistently.

That saves a lot of file size, going from HD audio to regular (still great) audio. It is needed because mkv doesn't really support more than multichannel FLAC, and it is a huge pain to convert to that.

If you want to go further than that you have to use something like Handbrake. I do that offen if the Blu Ray is in a nasty format (like MPEG2)- I use consistent quality at around 50% or so. But to do that needs a either a fast quad-core or tons of time...
I found this article through Google search engine.Hope can help you.

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