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Is it possible to port the XBMC software to a VIZIO TV Widget?
Probably in the future but not yet.
agentbad Wrote:Probably in the future but not yet.

By in the future do you mean?:

"Because someday TVs in the lineage of these particular Vizio TVs will come with full computers built into them, and we expect to hack XBMC onto those computer." (a statement I agree with)

Or do you mean:

"If given enough time these particular TVs will support XBMC because their little internal computer is powerful enough." (a statement I have seen no evidence of)

If you know of specific work being done to integrate XBMC and TVs please spill the beans!
I was wondering the same thing. In this last firmware update, they added the capability to access web video.

If I see a certain type of video clip on the internet on my home PC, i click a button and that video is now available in the Web Clips widget on the Vizio.

Seems like some of the smarter programmers can exploit that function and use it as a conduit for PC based XBMC systems.
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