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Android Remote also for tablets?
I bought a $92 7" Eken tablet using 1.6 Android OS. It is the best remote in the house, I can power on/off individual XBMC boxes in different rooms from any location, start a movie for the kids while watching a movie in the main room or bedroom without getting up or grabbing the netbook to access the web app. (Need to turn lights on for that one no backlit keys). Forget line of sight or RF, this SW rocks! It will power down or wake up using WOL or wake up from suspend on all boxes.

The Volume up and down hard keys work, as well as the softkeys in the now playing screen. I love this thing, except for the sensitivity of the touch screen. It just sux, so here is my wish list.

1. Larger remote (on screen graphic remote), everthing else is OK, to fit the larger screen would make it easier to use.

2. When selecting movies (600+) or Music (400+ albums) it would be nice to have an up or down arrow or even page up or page down to scroll faster located at bottom right of screen. Since my screen isn't very touch sensitive, I can select or start something while trying to scroll up or down. (PIA) So a up/down arrow or PgUp and PgDn key at the bottom right of the screens would be Great!

3. How about integrating with IR blasters through the use of the Executor (Launcher app). Like System Power button that would power down or suspend XBMC and blast IR codes to other devices.
I know, wishing for a million dollars would be a better bet. Smile

Did I mention I love this device and App. Of all my remotes (I have a few) that cost over $200, this is the best. I still have major issues with USB Power up and wake from suspend. Not any more!!!! This has really made a hugh difference in XBMC home theatre. Great Job, [email protected]@king forward for additional functionality.

I might look at picking up either a archos 5 or 7. The 7" is cheaper ($180 or less) but I think a smaller 5" might be easier to use for smaller hands. and the 5 comes with 802.11n, which is another issue with the Eken, my wireless throttles down to 11.g from 11.n which casues SD playback in the bedroom to suffer. I really need to run a cat 5e cable, but it's a pain to crawl through the insulation, plus the wife doesn't want me to do it. Last time I did it to run speaker wires my foot slipped off a support and went through the ceiling. Sad
wes paich Wrote:@ mojorising- i've got this working on my 7ht as well, but i haven't figured out how to add single songs to the now playing list. i can only add/queue entire folders. any hints?
Its only a bug at the menu lables. Long press on a single song and than press 'queue folder' to add/queue the single song to the playlist.

1) PointOfView Intel Atom 330 Mainboard
2) Scenic-PC (2.9 GHz) with onboard Intel-Graphic 915g
oh really? duh. i saw queue folder when i long pressed a song and didn't check. i ASSumed. thanks.
wow thanks! i love this thing so much i don't even care if you guys NEVER get around to adding soft touch volume buttons!! :-) great job! now my 200$ archos 7ht is also the remote of my dreams!

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