I set a network share for music now when I try to access "Music" XBMC Reboots.
I just finished installing XBMC Live on my Revo. I first went to music then set it up to connect to my network share on my W7 machine. After I did that XBMC reboot. Once the reboot completed I went to "Music" and it reboot again. This happened several times.

After this I wanted to see if it would happen again trying to add videos. I did the exact same steps and added videos but no reboot and I was able to stream these from my W7 machine.

Any idea on this rebooting issue? Also I looked for information on how to FTP into the Revo but only found Xbox FTP information. I read on another site the XBMC was supposed to ask me for user/pass when installing but I never got that so not sure how to set a user/pass so I can FTP into it.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Moning bump. I tried to troubleshoot a bit more this morning but still it reboots anytime I select "Music" in XBMC.
How about a version number? How about a debug log? How about waiting at least 24 hours before bumping your own thread?
I'm running XBMC Live 9.04.1R20654 with the updated NVIDIA.185_18_14 driver.

As I stated in my original post I have been unable to find the location to set a user name and password that allows me to FTP into the Revo so I am unable to obtain a debug log. I've looked in the wiki for instructions on this but have only found Xbox instructions. I've attempted to use the xbox default user/pass but still unable to ftp into it.
So I did some messing around and figured out the default ftp user/pass was xbmc. I located the log files but also found sources.xml and edited out the share that I created for music. This allowed me back into "Music" in XBMC. I then successfully added the share.

I'll be going back and trying to reproduce the reboot issue so I can report it more accurately.
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I set a network share for music now when I try to access "Music" XBMC Reboots.00