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Launch Beyond TV from Home Menu
I am a XBMC novice and have been using PM3.HD skin.

In the PM3.HD forum, a user posted this bit of modification to allows you to launch Beyond TV from the main menu. I use Beyond TV and TV link to schedule TV recording and watch them. I use XBMC for my Movies and Music. Here is the bit of code from that forum that allows me to launch Beyond TV Link:

<item id="12">
<label>WATCH TV</label>
<onclick>XBMC.System.Exec(C:\Progra~1\SnapSt~1\Bey ond~1\BTVD3DShell.exe" /networkclient:true)</onclick>

Since I am a total novice, can I use this code unaltered or is there specific coding that I would need to make this work in MediaStream? I know that I will have to ensure that the tv.jpg image is present in the skin/backgrounds folder.

Thanks for your help in advance.


Launch Beyond TV from Home Menu00