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"Watched" Support?
Unless I am missing something I would like to request "watched " support.

(By watched support I mean a little icon next to the movie / TV show that you have already watched).
This hasn't been possible with HTTP API. But if I have undertand this right, it will be possible with next version of XBMC and JSON-RPC!?

Also a filter option in the menu to filter so only unseen contents can be shown.
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No the watched flag is there. We already parse it but it isn't used. That will come with the hide watched option (which is already an enhancement on the issue tracker)
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Sweet Smile
Kodi 17.0 Krypton, Win10 running on an ASRock ION 330HT HTPC
This will be so awesome! Will it also be possible to flag unwacthed movies as watched? (just like the 'W' on the keyboard)
I think that not only a watched filter will be needed.

I think that a watched/not watched total in the series list plus a watched flag in each episode (to help select the following episode you need to see) will be very very nice.

Is there an official "features suggestions" post?
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Yes, please post feature suggestions to the issue tracker (after having verified that the issue doesn't already exist.
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