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First off, absolutely love this skin. It's like the perfect blend of Aeon and Alaska with the added bonus of never crashing my little Acer Aspire Revo Big Grin

That said, I desperately want to change some of the default images on the filmstrip. The generic ones are okay, I just want to make it a little more me.

Is this even possible? I've rummaged around in the skin folder but I'm having trouble finding the images that I need to replace. I'm wondering what I need to change, be it simply an image file or the Home.xml file as well.

Any suggestions? Am I even able to change the individual pictures (i.e. replace the people on the couch with something else) or is it one image that I need to edit?

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Its easy, just go over here.. X:\Program Files\XBMC\skin\Backrow\media
and replace all files like 'My Settings', 'My Video', etc.

Replace them and you should be fine.
However, remember to use the *png-extension while saving your Pictures.
Also use the same size for a better performace.
For these two steps I could recommend you a Freeware-Tool called 'IrfanView'.
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If you're using the skin with all the images in the textures.xpr container then you need to change the images in the media folder before building the skin.

Download the skin from the SVN and make your alterations to the images, then build the skin.
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