1080p resolution skinning questions
I have a few basic questions about creating a skin that is 1080p. I have looked at the very few that are out there and just want to see what is needed to go in that direction.

-Skin folder is 1080i? Is this needed rather than having it labeled 720p? Can you have both?

-Does the default resolution need to be changed in the skin.xml?

-Textures should also be created with a higher resolution?

-In terms of skinning, what size should be used for backgrounds and fullscreen images (height & width). Does this matter if you have already skinned using the standard 720p or do you need to go through your files and make height and width adjustments?

Sorry if I seem a little dense on the subject. Resolutions are a knowledgable area for me. Much thanks to anyone who can help or offer up suggestions.
If you create a 1080i folder you have to adjust with and height to maximum 1920/1080 instead of 1280/720. Textures can be left the same but you might want to create new bigger ones that have at least the size of the controls you use them in so they dont look blurry. Some skins already have full hd textures though.

Hope i didnt give any false information.
Even though I code at 720p I create all my textures at 1080p dimensions (1.5 times the sizes used for the image controls) so when XBMC is running at 1080p they're not scaled.
Thanks for the information guys. Just trying to weigh the benefits vs. the work load to go with 1080p. I don't notice a huge difference in clearity, but I always like to keep in mind where a skin will need to go.
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