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Night Release Thread
WOW, just download 675 fanarts for my tv shows.
It's making night/xbmc alot better and pretty Smile

1. it's kinda hard to spot but you can see the regular fanart for a sec while transition to the extrafanart.

2. fanart transition also messed up one moving focus from show with extrafanarts to show with only 1 fanart.

Excellent job!!!
Yea seems to perform well so far for me...

1. The best I could do. That was probably the best fadetime so it's not too much noticeable. Making it a setting would work but this way if people have 200 shows but only want extrafanart for their 30 popular shows can and leave the other 170 with one fanart.

2. I didn't notice that one as much as #1...but so far seems like a cool addition.

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I have played around with workaround fanart like this as well awhile back. I don't like having toggles for it, so I had them both in place. I set it so the regular fanart would show only when the extrafanart was unavailable. I set it up much like you do with logos and the text that shows when it is empty using control.getlabel.

I still would notice a slight transition when the extrafanart was empty and a blank would come up for a quick second before loading the the regular fanart. I removed all animations and fades and it still did it. I ended up removing it because I just don't like the little glitches. It did the same with tv and putting fanart in the season folder.
Hmm, I've never heard of MIP. I'm gonna give it a try for my TV Shows since EMM is still working mostly on the Movie side of things at the moment.

What's the advantage of MIP for TV Shows over EMM?
Guys. I Think you missed my point. I Don't need any EMM or MIP. I Just love having extra logos/images/whatever on the screen at the same time. I Am a image/logo whore as to what is on the screen. And I must say, This "ExtraFanArt" folder is great. I Did not see at 1st why you would need or want that folder. But then I tried to put more than 1 image in there and lo and behold!! It shows you a cycle of images every 10 seconds or so. This is great. I love it. Keep up the work.
Oddsodz Wrote:Oh Please say it can be so.

Wish I knew how to make skins. What programs do you use to get this done? Please don't say "notepad"

Nope, Notepad++ Nod
stoli Wrote:Nope, Notepad++ Nod

I Should have seen that coming Sad Rolleyes I Have no clue about working with code at that level Sad

Now here is a tricky one.

So we have this cool "ExtraFanArt" folder system. And I love it. Now can the same be done with say "ExtraLandscape" Folder? Now that would be cool if that was to cycle also. It's a long shot I know. But I just had to put it out there.

That should get your eyes flowing Smile
i don't use any mediamanager i just stick to what xbmc gives me. my htpc don't even have write access to most of my files so i hope it always will put stuff in cache.
Currently addicted to Night. Watch this teaser and join the forum.
Get and request your ClearLOGOs from the ClearLOGO site and forum
Try my changes to the Night skin if u like how they looks
A stupid question:
To what location can I extract the Weather fanart pack?
1) Wherever you want. Just set the correct path in the settings.
2) Yup. extrafanart folder. (there may be some media manager that does it for you, but I don't know about them).
NEW questions:

But in what settings can I set the path for weather conditions fanart? It's not in XBMC itself I've checked all options twice already (did found other interesting options of this Skin!).

btw in latest svn XBMC Subtitles is integrated (it used to be an optional script), I suppose Night doesnt support this yet because if I enable Subtitles in OSD I have to select the path of the script and when I browse to the correct path, I can not select OK...

check screenshot, RecentlyAdded shows me empty lines and an empty frame. Same for movies (a few empty frames), is this a bug?
For linux users I thought I'd share my quick little bash script for extrafanart.


mkdir extrafanart
cd extrafanart
for i in `seq 1 $1`
        wget http://www.thetvdb.com/banners/fanart/original/$2-$i.jpg

This script should be placed in a central location chmodded +x and run from the directory of the series in question.
The only thing you need is the total number of fanarts available on thetvdb and the series id number.


~/extrafanart.sh 11 94801

Don't ask me for help on using this, I've provided all the info you need.
Also you can expect this script to break eventually when the new site is put in place.
This could easily be modified to grab the series id in a number of ways but I'm far too lazy to make it complex.
[Image: output.jpg]
Maxoo Wrote:1) Wherever you want. Just set the correct path in the settings.
2) Yup. extrafanart folder. (there may be some media manager that does it for you, but I don't know about them).

With EMM you select the Hi-res image you want (or let it auto select) for the Fanart and then all other Hi-res Fanarts are placed into the extrafanart folder for each movie. I also have it set to copy all fanarts to a separate folder so that XBMC can use that as the Movie Backgrounds, (this way the Movie Background images are only of the movies I have and then when new movies are added it automatically adds it's fanart to the list.)

Main reason for EMM for me is that it places ALL the files and images into the Movie folders on an external hard drive with XBMC. This allows me to just take the hard drive and connect it to any PC and use it exactly as I do at home.
Does the logo downloading script work if your media is stored on another machine on the network?
Is there a way to change the viewtype: Wall, into three horizontal rows instead of four, as it currently is. And thereby make the posters a tad bit larger?
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