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Samba shares on Ubuntu 10.04
I keep my movie files on my desktop PC and stream them to XBMC via Samba shares. I moved over to Ubuntu 9.10 a while back and it all worked fine. I used an application called Gadmin-Samba to set up the shares. It wasn't painless setting it up, but it worked.

Now I've upgraded to Ubuntu 10.04 and XBMC no longer sees my shares. Nor will it even see the PC when I browse Samba servers.

Has anyone had any success setting up Samba shares on the latest version of Ubuntu? I'm on XBMC rev 28472.
For anyone else having problems getting XBMC to see your Ubuntu 10.04 Samba shares, I solved the problem by following this thread on Ubuntu Forums. Basically it involves simplifying the smb.conf file.
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Samba shares on Ubuntu 10.0400