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Automate Power Management settings for Server for XBOX XBMC
Wasn't sure if this should go in XBMC for Windows since it's more a windows question or here but since the actual XBMC install is on a XBOX this seemed best.

I'm using a Windows 7 machine (my personal machine) to serve files to my XBOX running XBMC. The host machine keeps going into sleep mode when serving files causing the streams to cut out. It's a big power user so I'd like to keep more moderate power management settings in place at least during late nights and the day when I'm at work since I often watch shows on the desktop when going to bed.

Is there a way to keep the files served to the XBOX while the machine is sleeping?

Is there a way to have XBMC keep the server machine from going to sleep?

Is there a way to create automated timers so Windows switches to different power management modes? For example, could I have the machine go 20 minutes until sleeping from 1am-5pm while I'm in bed or at work and then have sleep mode disabled from 5:01pm-12:59am?

You cannot have the machine act as a file server while it's asleep or in standby mode.

It should be possible to have the computer wake up and stay awake while being used as a file server, though.

Open the Network and Sharing Center, and hit the sidebar link to "change adapter settings". You'll see a list of network cards in your machine, double click the one the Xbox is connecting through.

In the window that comes up, hit Properties, then in the next window hit the Configure button. Switch to the Power Management tab in the third window, and you should see a check box to have the computer wake up when that NIC is in use.

It may be you also need to mess with some of the Wake On LAN (WOL) entries under the Advanced tab. Dunno. If it doesn't work with just that box ticked, experiment with those.
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Automate Power Management settings for Server for XBOX XBMC00