XBMC on XBOX with keyboard and mouse?
I'm still a little confused after reading this article: http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Def...se_Support

But can XBMC (THE XBOX VERSION) run somehow off a keyboard and mouse ? I've made a usb converter and my mouse works with XDSL and Linksbox but nothing happens with XBMC in regards to having my mouse plugged in. I don't have a USB keyboard yet so I haven't tried it....
The Xbox version can indeed be used with a keyboard and mouse, though as the page you linked mentions, not all work. The mouse must be enabled before the cursor will appear - there's a checkbox buried somewhere in the settings menus.
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You're just jealous 'cause the voices only talk to me :P
This one works straight out of the box including the touch pad.... about 30 quid from PC-World.

Nice! thanks guys... I'll dig for that setting...

Now if the xbox XBMC only had a decent browser...
Found it, like I said I don't have a usb keyboard yet so I haven't tested that aspect of it but I found it very odd that the options to enable the qwerty keyboard and mouse were in completely different areas. I'm using the latest stable babylon build and am using Project MayhemIII skin.

The mouse option was under Settings>Appearance>Look & Feel - it's at the very bottom. The qwerty keyboard was under Settings>Skin Settings>General and I believe it's like the 3rd option down in the menu.

Anyway thanks again!
"Skin settings" only apply to whatever skin you're actually using - they're not global XBMC settings, and different skins have different "skin settings". In this case, the "qwerty keyboard" doesn't enable a physical keyboard - it just changes the onscreen keyboard (what you use for text entry when using a remote or game controller) to use the qwerty layout (as opposed to alphabetical ordering, which is the default).

I'm pretty sure physical keyboards are enabled whenever plugged in. Mice can be disabled within the GUI so you can get rid of that giant mouse cursor without having to get out of your seat and unplug the thing manually.
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You're just jealous 'cause the voices only talk to me :P
Cool thanks for the clarification! You guys are always super helpful and I appreciate it!
so I'm finding that this feature doesn't really have much use I just got excited cause I made my own USB cord converter thingy... and now I'm wishing XBMC had a web browser of some sort.

Is it just me or does XBMC for XBox seem to get neglected compared to the other platforms out there? I don't know why but sitting in my living room with XBMC is much more appealing than a computer desk, doing the same thing.
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