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New Favorite Skin
Big Grin 
Well, I just noticed a new skin in the sub-forums and figured I would give it a try...and I was thoroughly impressed. I really wasn't expecting much, but for a first shot it shows real originality and creativity on your part.

My favorite new view is definitely '16x9' though the name is a bit perplexing. It looks great for TV series, and doesn't leave the user straining to read small text. The vital information is right there in front of you.

Another great thing is the main menu. Simple, clean and effective. Everything a menu should be. Another thing, you must either own a Zune or have used one before because the inspiration shows through. I was almost disappointed that because of the simple and clean main menu, the sub-menus would be missing, but hitting the right arrow saved the day I and got a beautiful menu with my 'Recently Added' option.

Of course there are a few things I would consider changing.
First and biggest would be the settings page. You did an amazing job with the main menu, but dropped the great look in the settings page. I would take some inspiration from Alaska-Revisited regarding that as HitcherUK nailed the settings down with simplicity and elegance.

Next, I love 3d as much as the next guy, but tone down the 3d posters and such. It is a little too sharp and curvy. Sharp in the 3d 'angle' of the posters and curvy in the edges applied to the boxes. I would either consider a toggle for the 3d or experiment with the angle applied. I would suggest a toggle for the box overlays as well. I really have a thing about my boxes actually being boxes...

Again, great work on the skin. I love it and with a few improvements this could become a 'Top' skin.
Glad I kept 16x9 in, it was on the fence of being dropped. I still like to polish that view up a little...

Home screen, can't take all the credit got some ideas from this concept.

Settings page - maybe in time I'll change it. But a went that look for 3 reasons:
1. I'd rather keep it simple and new user friendly rather than doing some other style and being confusing.
2. While making my skin I had no idea how they were going to do the merge, by using Confluence as a base it would "future-proof" me better...
3. I have alot of ideas for skins, making a custom settings page would add another 2 month to release date...

I'm in the opposite boat and the boxes...I hate sharp 90 degree angle on boxes in skins, I like cover to have a rounded edge Smile

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