[MOD Request] TV Show Poster in Fanart View

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steve1977 Offline
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I really love this skin and use fanart-view all over (in each view). Is really looking great. One point on the TV show views. For me it currently looks like this:

TV Show View (Fanart) - only fanart, no show-poster or season-all poster shown

Season View (Fanart) - fanart + season poster + tvshow-banner

I was wondering whether it would be possible to look as follows

TV Show View (Fanart) - fanart plus tvshow-poster (bottom right, small)

Season View (Fanart) - fanart plus season-poster (eliminate tvshow-banner)

Any thoughts whether this could be done and anyone with skinning skills in favor of a MOD like this?

Ronie, I would prefer even more the original skin to be changed to work as above?!

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are you using posters instead of banners for tv-shows?
if so, check Skin Settings > General > TV Shows - Use posters
that should give you more or less what you're after i guess.

(you need T! svn for this)

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I used that option at it works great, gives basically what he is looking for.
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