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Ok everyone that is keeping with daily builds. We are now current and up to date to compatibility with newer formatted xbmc builds that comply with the new addons system. Tested and working fine. And also finished making the skin icon too. Smile For all, the "Build for XBMC svn.28276+.bat" file in the SVN is for making a compatible theme for new XBMC (Svn.28276+, uses add-on directory for theme's instead of skins dir). This will change once the xbmc add-on's is completed and ready for prime time. But for NOW, this file is working and easily allows us to build one for each version using the same theme branch. We'll get more details from the XBMC team when that time comes, and make proper adjustments once there is JUST one main version used by everyone after everything in xbmc is finished.
This allows us to keep things clean, usable, and can comply with having 2 versions, depending on which version build of xbmc use are using (IE- Old builds versus new builds. Pre-svn28276 or Post-svn28276) This was done just to keep the ones that still like building daily happy with being able to still use Back Row still. (Just remember to follow the rules of the XBMC Team and NOT complain or post problems as they already are aware of them, and is why they just prefer people to just not build daily for the time being until things are finished. It's ok if you still want to build just to mess around, but just respect them and keep hush about any issues until then.)
And as soon as XBMC officially announces the addons is finished, we will make the final touches and call it a day. But for now you have a nice solution to build them now, and copy it into the addons directory after you build this. I also modified the xbmc installation builder so it includes Back-Row in the NDIS installer, but i'm not inclined to post that here per respect of the XBMC Team as i don't want any unneeded questions coming there way.
Nice work D - I've begun to incorporate the Add-Ons stuff and updated the SVN with what I've done so far - still got some dialogs left to do.

Also dunno if you want to redesign the Add-Ons image in the settings screen? - The one that's there currently is just a place holder really.

Also I added the new version of the recently added script that should work on post 28276 builds.
That's cool about knocking out the add-ons stuff, thanks and hope it wasn't a pain, but at least it's being done and will be out of the way Smile Yeah, I can do something about making a new Add-Ons image. And thanks for updating the recently added script. Nice work!! What's the filename of the add-ons image and i'll get on that one? And HOLY COW is photobucket s-u-p-e-r s-l-o-w today!!! Couple site's i visit and has a couple of images from them are all loading up for ever.
It's called "settings-addons-focus.png"

I've added the two missing add on dialogs.
Thanks to the Moderator's for separating and making this a new thread. Smile I changed the first post a tiny bit to better fit. I've got a few people to contact further about the server.
So if we are sticking with the safety of pre-28276 builds of XBMC for now which build of Back row should we use?

A simple Tortoise SVN update to the latest Back Row now stops XBMC from opening for I have reverted to 2736 for now...

Sorry if i missed something above that explains this - thanks for all the great work guys.
Sure, no problem. If your using an svn build of 28000 and up, where they started using the add-ons directory containing skins and visualizations and etc. use that batch file to build it. If your using an older xbmc build that still used \skins\ directory, you would use the normal Build.bat batch file. Hope that clears it up.
djdafreund Wrote:Sure, no problem. If your using an svn build of 28276 and up, where they started using the add-ons directory containing skins and visualizations and etc. use that batch file to build it. If your using an older xbmc build that still used \skins\ directory, you would use the normal Build.bat batch file. Hope that clears it up.

Thanks djdafreund.
Sorry to be annoying, but still a bit confused - After updating to the latest SVN of the Skin through Tortoise, should do I have to run the relevant .bat file before the skin will work?
No problem. Just to be clear, you HAVE to be using the newest XBMC build or this is irrelevant. If you are using the newest of builds, you SHOULD already have noticed that the skins don't go into a \skins directory anymore, and rather go inside an Add-ons directory. If you look in that directory you will notice a few directories there "skin.pm3-hd" and "skin.confluence" there. This updated new batch file will build into a new directory, named skin.back-row, with the proper directories inside. So once ran, you will simply put the skin.Back-Row directory inside XBMC\add-ons directory, and you will be able to select this theme once done. Hope that clears up things.
OK got it....thanks Smile
I think I was confused because the newest SVNs of the skin don't work for me ?? (XBMC 27825)
Not at home now, so can't remember the Windows error message I get, but XBMC wouldn't open last time i tried the newest Back Row about a week ago.
Sharpe, can you please look into this? I haven't been able to build in a week due to building issue's for some reason, but using last week's builds, everything was working just fine in all area's for me. Using r30596 build from an unofficial source i did notice a few weird oddities, like countdown looking a little weird, and small filmstrip even though i am using -p to start XBMC. We'll look into it though. This is an ongoing thing with current builds, things changing a lot currently in the core and skinning, so you may notice weird things with some skin's and not with other's because some skin's might use functions other's are using that might be WIP. But Sharpe and I try pretty hard to keep things as updated as possible, considering it's not even an included official skin, things are usually kept pretty updated and in tuned.

If anyone happens to know enough to look at a log file and pick out the problem I am having, please help. Guesses won't work, i am not as good on the coding side of things. Just refreshed a new svn of XBMC and today's build still is error when building. I know things break, but r30596 for Arnaud's XBMC Unofficial build worked fine, but i reverted to that rev number and it's not, so it's something on my end and not in the XBMC trunk.
What's the actual skin error? I'm running 30567 and it seems to be working ok. I'll try a new build tonight.
Looks like the weird texture issues some skin's are having is a known issue, after looking at today's svn changes.
-"2010-05-28 30622 [WIN32] add a couple temporary advanced settings to toggle D3D9Ex use and dynamic textures, to debug weird texture issue with user. Will remove as soon as figured out, sorry!"

So this is a xbmc issue and will be resolved in time.[font=&quot]
Running this build of XBMC I cannot use the latest Back Row. I get a Microsoft C++ runtime error during the XBMC splash screen....

Thanks for any suggestions!

- perhaps my easiest solution would be to be brave and go for the latest XBMC build....are they pretty stable again now in your opinion?
Yeah it's getting there - for playback and stability it's very good imo. It's just a case of having to wait for all the cool addon stuff to be added properly before you jump (that is if you use a lot of scripts and plugins) otherwise it's fine.

Anyhow I think I've spotted the pre 28276 issue and fixed it in the SVN
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