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waring192 Offline
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Hi everyone,

Been a long time user of XBMC and have used many other types of frontend; Mediaportal, WMC etc.

As most know Boxee is producing its own hardware and I think XBMC should be given its own also. I would not say its competing against Boxee as they are both for slightly different markets; Boxee is going for the more "social" aspect while XBMC still caters more for the film/music/customisation end. I know Boxee can do that also but hopefully you get what I mean!

I thought about this a few years ago but didn't have the capital to start it out but now I'm in a different situation.

So anyone with any ideas in the production/manufacture side please PM me so we start to look into something.

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poofyhairguy Offline
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Be careful trying to make money off of something based on FFMPeg (which XBMC is based)- eventually MPEG LA will come looking for its cut!!
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ion_man Offline
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There is already plenty of hardware for XBMC out there, both single components (mobos) for people who prefer customized hardware and ready made systems for everyone else, just have a look at the overview here:

You would find it very hard to compete against ION based systems, the margin would be razor-thin.
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NotShorty Offline
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ion_man Wrote:...the margin would be razor-thin.


Between dropping hardware prices and guides like these, I think anyone who is savvy enough to want their own XBMC will build their own, have a child/friend/neighbor who can build one for them, or will buy something similar like a Boxee box.

The idea has crossed most of our minds, but I don't believe there could be profit on anything but a small scale.


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gabbott Offline
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Yeah, given the fact that you can buy something like a Revo 1600 for $200 and add a remote and usb receiver, throw xbmc live on it, you basically have yourself a little xbmc appliance that plays HD content very well. Probably not a ton of money to be made branding an xbmc box to sell.
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