TapaTalk, TouchBB, or Forum Runner (ForumRunner): Forum interface mobile app support?
Tapatalk or forum runner would be great. Much more enjoyable on an ipad
jmarshall Wrote:We're currently evaluating switching to new forum software. When that occurs we'll look into it.

It takes time to do this correctly - particularly as there's a forum <-> trac bridge that needs to be maintained.

any news on this new forum software or getting tapatalk support. Please.... Big Grin
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One more on the list. Tapatalk support would be very nice.
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+1 on tapatalk. love it for XDA
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if here is kind of voting - +1 by me Smile
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+1 on the tapatalk support!
At least a nice skin or mobile version of the forum
Any chance of getting the Tapatalk mobile system supported here? I've got nearly all of the forums that i am at on there, and it's super convenient Smile

(no this is not spam, legitimate request)
+1 i was looking for this too for tapatalk (android or iphone)
This has been talked about in the website forum.


+1 on Tapatalk.
Any reason why Tapatalk or Forum Runner can't be set up? They're free add ins aren't they?
I too also use Tapatalk and have wondered why XBMC is yet to be supported.

Thousands of other forums are already happily signed up enjoying serious amounts of traffic from mobile devices - when will XBMC?

Discussion on Tapatalk vulnerabilities.

Since this thread was started (well over a year ago!) Tapatalk has now become THE app for mobile forum browsing. I also use Ad Block on my phone if that was the concern.

Can this please get done - I'd love to keep up with XBMC .
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I have been wanting this for a LOOOOONG time.. I hate browsing xbmc on my phone and wish xbmc would get a mobile site at least.
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TapaTalk, TouchBB, or Forum Runner (ForumRunner): Forum interface mobile app support?3
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