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XBOX suddenly freezes when playing any video
XBOX v1.1 + latest XBMC T3CH build + X3 chip + WD 160GB HDD


I have had this XBOX for approx 8 years now with the X3 chip. Only recently it freezes when playing any type of video (usually watch tv-rips and divx - regular resolution, no HD).

It freezes when playing from both the HDD and network. Sometimes only the video freezes while the audio continues to play.

I have taken the XBOX apart to clean the dust out (there was very little).

Is my XBOX dying? Could it be the HDD?

Thank you!!
Try posting a debug log when it happens (if you need to reboot XBMC, Q:\xbmc.old.log is the log you need), upload at pastebin.com

Okay, I found the files, but they're dated May 10th, 2010. When and why is the .log file updates? Is it only when something messes up?
The file updates every time you run the copy of XBMC that exists in that folder.

If the date doesn't match expectations, then perhaps you've got multiple copies of XBMC on your drive, and you're checking the log for the wrong one...

Or perhaps your console just doesn't know the correct date. Wink
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XBOX suddenly freezes when playing any video00