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"No Artist Information Available" won't go away
Here is a solution, it works well for me.

The basic idea is that you can turn off that "Biography - Not available" message globally. It means that it never will be displayed. So you will miss a little bit of functionality: if it is no biography for the currently selected artist, XBMC also won't tell you that.

The steps required:

1. check that which video mode do you use - PAL, NTSC, …

2. make a backup copy of this file:
XBMC/skin/Project Mayhem III/<your video mode>/CommonViewTypes_Library.xml
(For example, in a PAL system: XBMC/skin/Project Mayhem III/PAL/CommonViewTypes_Library.xml.)

3. Find this section in file "CommonViewTypes_Library.xml":
<label>$LOCALIZE[21887] - $LOCALIZE[416]</label>

4. Replace the text between "<label>" and "</label>" with a space.
For example, this is the original line:
<label>$LOCALIZE[21887] - $LOCALIZE[416]</label>

replace with this:
<label> </label>

5. Put the changed "CommonViewTypes_Library.xml" file to the original place (XBMC/skin/Project Mayhem III/<your video mode>/CommonViewTypes_Library.xml)

6. restart your xbmc

I hope this helps you.
Is this really an issue concerning a prompt when there is no artist info or is it a scrapper issue? I find that about 80% of my artists have no info based on my initial scrap but if I go into the artist screen and select REFRESH then the info gets added (although I have to select the artist from a list of potential artists.

I think the problem I'm having is because I update my ID3 tags so that artists are listed LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME. This seems to mess up the scrapper?!?

"No Artist Information Available" won't go away00