A little direction on where to find...
Hey all, I have started to modify Confluence to look the way i really want it but it has been a long time since I modded a skin and the trial and error method of finding things is giving me a headache. So if someone could point me to the file and general area of the xml file for a few settings it would be of much help!

1) I would like to alter the non-library video fanart view to adjust how far down the icons are and possibly turn it into a smaller version of poster wrap

2) The Non-Library Video List view, I would love to alter how the screen is laid out.

Again all i really need is which file has the code i need to alter and generally where in the file i am looking. I can trial and error it from there as to which exact setting does what...

Thanks all!!
1) its actually the same one as the video lib just the extra info is hidden so its the line starting <include name="PosterWrapView2_Fanart"> in ViewsVideoLibrary.xml changing it will affect both
2) is in ViewsFileMode.xml <include name="CommonRootView"> and <include name="FullWidthList"> depending on if you mean the one with the big icon or not
Much obliged. I will have a look when I get home Smile
Ok have been able to do some basic alterations. But (of course) i have a few more questions)

1) The black bar along the bottom of the views, where is that controlled from? (found it in the MyVideo.xml)

2) in the "CommonRootView" aka list view. Where is the box the list sits on? And where is the fade of the entire background set (I assume it's a file overlay but it's not part of the ViewFileMode.xml)(found it in the MyVideo.xml) ?

Thanks Again!
yeah the actual background building is at the top of each sections xml files

Thanks for all your help. I have the skin 80% to where I want it. I even forced the Homeblade TV Shows and Movies to appear without using the library and defaulting to specific folders for that nice seamless operation.

I think my fanart problem (different thread) is going to be left for me to either use a hack or write a script to move all 800+ movies into separate folders... but that's life.

BTW Was it just my personal taste or are the cover icons for the fanart view at the wrong aspect ratio in the skin? I had to fatten them up a bit for them to look right. Oh and I smoothed out the fade in and out and added the mirror effect to the focused icon (looked odd vanishing), it even stretches with the focused icon! heheh
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