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[REQUEST] Picture Search Function
I was hoping that XBMC came with a search function with pictures but it became apparent that it doesn't and I was hoping someone would be able to write a search plug-in for pictures. It would only have to search the file names, not any of the description information or metadata such as Camera type used. I want to be able to search through file names to be able to find specific photos.

I planned on using a standard template file name for photos such as DD_MM_YYYY_Event_PersonName### or something like that so I wouldn't need to search any other information. That way if I could search for part of a file name, I could search by event, person, month, day, or year. Example filename: 18_05_2007_GolfFundraiser_JohnDoe001

The original question thread is here: Search Function Question
Nobody is interested in this? I thought at least a few people would have thought this was a good idea.Huh

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