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Alaska not compatible with SVN 30362?
Installed the latest SVN build to get the DXVA-decoding to work in Windows. However, it seems that this build will not pick up the Alaska skin when put in the skin-folder.

Is it so that Alaska is not yet compatible with the latest builds of XBMC?
Nope, not until there's a stable release at least.
Here is a mod I'm working on which works with the latest SVN releases. I'm using XBMC for Windows DX build 30260 right now and it's running great. Read the notes in the first post about how to install it and the prerequisites needed for Home Fanart to work.
I've had to add the 'skin.' prefix, move to the addons folder, copy the 'addon.xml' file from confluence to the new 'skin.alaska' folder, then tweak the id entry, etc within 'addon.xml', etc to match the Alaska name.

The skin appears now however need to test!
You got everything for the most part. The only part missing is you have to use a different script. Look at the link I posted and there is an updated version you have to put in the addons folder as well as a line in the Home.xml located in the 720p folder.


The line to replace isn't exact so don't use find and replace, but is something very similar and is unique in the 'XBMC.RunScript' portion so searching for that will give you the line then replace the entire line with what I said.

That is it basically. Besides that there are three additional files for handling the addons (AddonBrowser.xml, DialogAddonInfo.xml, and DialogAddonSettings.xml). Keep in mind without DialogAddonSettings.xml you won't be able to change the settings for any scrapers, setting content for a library works fine, but further settings for the scraper won't function.

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