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Help on Ellipsis Modded for SD-TV (480p)
Hey there guys!

I have been away from XBMC Xbox skins for a while, and when Ellipsis was about to be released I was gorgeous, however it was sad to learn that there was NO SD-TV 480p version.

Few time passed and I decided to check back over TeamBlackbolt forums, but the Ellipsis forum has gone!! Look like it is dead... Am I right?

Then accidentally I came across a topic here in the forums about a user (or a couple of users) who where tweaking Ellipsis to run nice on a 480p screen setup. The name of the guy as XjamesX if I remember well. I tried to contact him but got no response.

So, my question is - Is someone able to help me with information regarding this 480p tweaking mode? Is someone out there able to share their XML files? I really would love to have Ellipsis running down here on my SD-TV...

Huh Huh Huh

Thanks guys for your attention!

cospefogo [at] gmail [dot] com
I would be interested in this as well. Is anyone working on this?
Hey Alexandervdm,

I don't think anyone is interested on this.
it is a pity. I loved Ellipsis from the very first moment.

I tried to mod the skin by myself, got some interesting results, but on a overall view it is faraway of being at minimum satisfactory. Also, I got some strange weird problems on the "wrap view" while scrolling thru the items - icons disappear or load with lag... things like that.

Anyway, I did give it up of Ellipsis (for the second time) and returned to my xTV. Since it is already 480p compatible, I have been reading few documents and I was able to perform some nice improvements on my xTV mod.

I did implement a Ellipsis style background and changed all my views to wrap and coverflow. It is getting nice. Now I just want to find a way to change the main xTV view (hard-coded as list view) to the smooth wrap and I will be done!

That's a shame. I guess I'm back to using the (also excellent) xtv cospefogo skin. I noticed there is a newer version than the one you were kind enough to email me a long time ago Smile
have a look on xbmc4xbox, there will be some people that may help you... but the most important thing is: ellipsis is still under development? no news in months....

Help on Ellipsis Modded for SD-TV (480p)00