Interested in doing a Bada-version?

I finally decided to register here, after all these years of loving the XBMC and the community here... Anyway, I'll get to the point:

Samsung launched Bada-platform (for mobile phones), which they'll be using in many phones in the future; first phone is called Wave (S8500), and I'm gonna buy it (when it comes out). Since I want to have XBMC Remore app in my new phone, I decided to suggest that somebody would port it to Bada OS, or make their own version/app... Rolleyes

And since Samsung is investing a lot to this new OS, they have a competition for developers: you can win cash prizes!

Maybe this could be done quite easily, since Android and Bada are both Linux-based? Yeah, I'm no coder, so forgive me if I'm completely wrong... Blush

(yeah, and just to clarify: I don't work for Samsung) Laugh
Hi, and welcome! Smile

I must say personally I don't see any point in starting development for a platform with still 0% market share. Contrarily to Android, Bada's applications are written in C++, so that means start over from scratch (even it was Java like Android we would probably have to start from scratch, since the app is tightly coupled with Android's framework).

Maybe Bada will turn out a global player and maybe one of us will even get such a phone, then things will be different. It will be a completely different project in any case though.
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Why are you so attached to Bada? It is a completely unknown and unproven OS and will probably take years to achieve that stability, features, and intuitiveness that Android already has. Save yourself the headache and get the Galaxy S which has superb hardware as well.
While I normally like competition in the market-place, I'm happy with Google taking over this market. I'm not a big fan of Apple Policies and I've always liked the way Google does things. I guess it's good to see 'competition' in the market as that usually means better products for the end customer in the long-run. Only a few can remain dominant though.

I don't see why someone like Samsung thinks they should jump into the OS market, but then again who really would have thought Google should jump into the phone OS market. Wink
Hi Freezy,

I have a Bada version of the remote working.
It is very limited now - it handles just the remote page without ability of browsing etc.
My questions is can I use your graphic work to speed up development and release of the remote and on what rules.

If you release the code under the terms of the GPL you are good to go.
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