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after discussing with chokeman & wabid i'm removing the xbmctex (or for now, commenting out) "process" in build.bat.
the idea behind this is that it's not really necessary to compress all images into a fresh xpr every single time, since cvs -should- contain an accurate textures.xpr.
also background.png + background2.png shouldnt be compressed per the skin authors recommendation

so instead of compressing, i'll copy those 3 files instead to the build folder.

if you got any remarks about this, post it in this thread :talktohand:

ps. i'm also commenting this line out:
for /r build %%d in (cvs) do @rd /s /q %%d
since it doesnt work - only produces a range of error messages.
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sounds good to me. while your changing it though, i read somewhere that someone has hacked theirs to insert the build date into strings.xml and insert a line to somehow make it display in the system info screen. that + dating the rar file would be nice.
hey, isn't that great