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Hey all, I am playing around with trying to display the next episode information in xbmc.

I want to add a box in the skin where the information can be displayed. See the image for where I want it to show up. (Red Box)

I was planning on storing the info in the tvshow.nfo for each separate show.

I was wondering if anyone could send me in the right direction, I've never done any skinning before.

Many Thanks.
For skinning, simply see the XML file(s) that describe those views - they'll likely be in ViewsVideo.xml or something like that.

This will not be possible without alterations to the XBMC codebase, however. Just because you put something in an .nfo file doesn't mean XBMC knows what to do with it.

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A while back I did this for myself...

I overwrote my <genre> field so instead of:

<genre>Action/ Adventure / Drama</genre>
<genre>Mondays at 8</genre>

then changed the Genre field in the skin to "This show airs:" but in the end it was too much work, I had to alter each skin plus manually update series if the show changed time slots. But it gives you an idea.

There are a couple threads floating around on either using a RSS feed or someone is working on a script, so read up on those....

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Check out Unfinished - A Skin For XBMC
Many thanks for your replies.

Generating the data is the easy part, ive got a script that pretty much does this, I was just looking for a way to integrate it into xbmc.

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