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[LIVE] not all video files show up in xbmc?

all my files are on an smb share on a windows home server, this works well with around 95% of my video files, but for some reason some files just do not show up:confused2:

if i naviagte there the "videos" of xbmc the files and folders just do not show up, even though i can navigate and play them via a client netbook.

they are mkv's, avi's etc just like the other files that show up.

i've just updated to the latest svn using the xci installer but its still the same.

any ideas guys??
SMB + Windows home server can give some trouble sometimes. Are all the videos on the exact same share, or in different folders/drives? Sometimes, setting the share permissions on the individual files will help. For whatever reason, I've run into situations where the entire folder is shared completely, but some files have no read access set. There's a whole slew of know issues with accessing them via smb.

Most of the time, your setup should work fine, but other programs installed on the windows box may interfere. I dropped WHS for Linux, and that fixed the issue for me immediately. Others run WHS with no problems at all. It depends on your configuration.
abe thanks for the link but i know how to scrape media etc, the files aren't showing up in "videos" mate.

arkryal, they are all in the videos folder on the whs, in either "movies" or "tv", then each is in its own folder. not sure about if they're on the same drives as they're in the pool.

i have been considering going down the unraid route maybe this is the push i need!

[LIVE] not all video files show up in xbmc?00