[WINDOWS] Boxee/XBMC Launcher Request

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starpc Offline
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I've been trying to figure out a way to launch Boxee from within xbmc and also xbmc from within Boxee. Preferably when switching to xbmc/boxee the other one would close.

Please let me know if this is possible.

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lazyboy0172 Offline
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i'm having a similar issue and would love a solution. i tried using the launcher script and added boxee to it, but when launching boxee from that it gives a fatal error about no suitable skin version found... launching boxee from the same exe in windows explorer though, even with xbmc running in the background, produces no error.
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theophile Offline
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To avoid that, you need to shut down XBMC first. The way to accomplish that is to write a small wrapper script that kills XBMC before launching Boxee and have the launcher plugin execute the script.
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tarbush Offline
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Once you exit boxee, it won't go back to xbmc, will it?
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Skindred Offline
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Create a simple autoit script.

Something like this (note that this is not actual code, just a simplistic way of making an example);

If WindowState.Active("XBMC") && WindowState.Active("Boxee") Then

If WindowState.Active("XBMC") Then

If WindowState.Active("Boxee") Then
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