I am using xbmc post addons merge. I have enabled the watched overlay, however the checkmark appears over the banner instead of next to the episode. I'm having trouble figuring out where the "List" view code is, so I can't tell if this is by design or not. If it is by design, I would like to recommend changing it for the reason that it slows down navigation.

Right now, in order to find out where I am in a series, I have to go one by one to look for the checkmark on the banner (this is especially a pain for some anime that have no seasons). If it showed up to the right of the episode label, I can quickly scroll down to the first episode without the checkmark. This is how Confluence works and is the only reason I continue to use it instead of Back-Row.
Hi eternalsword - and thanks for the suggestion.

I've altered the overlays for the TV list views to do what you want.

Thanks, that's perfect.
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