Auto play all in list?
The iphone 3rd party remote does this. If I play episode 5 of a show for example, it automatically creates a playlist that starts with episode 5 and ends with the last episode of that season. The same is for playback of files in unscraped folders. Play any file in the folder and it will play the rest in the folder based on the sorting, which I always have as alphabetical.

This feature is a boon because I like to rewatch shows in the background, and it can be annoying having to scroll to the next show and press play every 20 minutes on a shorter show. If I am missing something let me know, but I can't seem to accomplish this yet on the android remote, though other than that the remote is perfect.
Sure, why not. Can you create a ticket for this on the issue tracker please? Cheers!
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I posted the ticket as you requested. It took me a while because just as I want this boon to the lazy feature, I was too lazy at first to figure out how to post a ticket. Please let me know if I can/need to modify the ticket.
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