I have wounded (not killed) my xbox

I am running a mod chipped xbox. In 2007 a friend much smarter than me installed it for me. I recently tried to update my version of xbmc and being an idiot this is what I did:

1. I booted the Auto Installer Deluxe CD, and then formatted every partition except for my F:/ drive where my movies, tv shows and music are stored (also I didn't delete the Q drive, but thats because the option wasn't provided to me).

2. I tried to run the quick install option off AID, but it gave me some error. So I booted a EvoX boot disc.

3. With my EvoX boot running, I ftp'd the "XBMC-9.04.1-FIXED-BABYLON-T3CH" version of xbmc to the location: F:\apps\XBMC.

whenever I try and run my xbox - I get a green screen telling me about error 13 (the no dashboard one). If however I boot evoX and then run XBMC from the launch->apps section it loads up.

I tried following the xbmc.wiki page about installing xbmc as the dash - but I didn't have any .xbe file to replace because I stupidly wiped it. So I then just used the xbe shortcut maker to create an xbe called evoX.xbe and placed it in my c drive. This still gives me the 'error 13' problem when I start up the xbox.

is there anyway to get xbmc working as a dash from here ?
if not can I just format everything and install xbmc from scratch ? if this is my best option can someone point me in the direction of an installation guide ? (all the guides I see seem to be for the softmodded xboxes)


As my actions outlined in this post show, I am not particularly bright, so if you could be very simple with your explanations it would be most appreciated!
Most hacked BIOS types (as used by modchips) want to boot the file "c:\evoxdash.xbe". Try renaming your "evox.xbe" file to that and see what happens.

The Q partition is a virtual one that points to whatever folder you installed XBMC in. It's only available while that particular copy of XBMC is running.

Games store their save data on the E partition (in the UDATA/TDATA folders), so if you've ever played any, all your progress will be lost.
XBMC Manual - BlackBolt - SVN Guide - Skin SVN - Wide Icon SVN - ROM Shortcut Generator
You're just jealous 'cause the voices only talk to me :P
thanks Bomb Bloke - this seems to have worked perfectly

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I have wounded (not killed) my xbox0
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