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I just wanted to announce that I've started a wiki-styled site for video games.

The focus of the site is to provide quality box art photos, names, brief/full summaries, release dates, and other relevant information about video games and platforms. I am also working on an API to provide this information with the hopes someone will make a scraper for the emulation scene.

The site is current in an open beta testing phase and I'm looking for testers and contributors.

Thanks for checking it out!


I would like to clarify that the design of the site is not set in stone. The data entered in the site has been mainly test data. I could really use some help in determining that level of game information to provide. This include description fields, screen shots, trailers, etc...
great initiative. fanarts are missing! Smile
spiff Wrote:great initiative. fanarts are missing! Smile

Ohhh, good point. I'll get to work on adding that!
Alright, I added the ability to upload fan art. I uploaded a quick and dirty example to the Legend of Zelda (NES) page:
Isn't this missing PC ?I mean, why not add PC support ?
Sure, I don't see where that's a problem. All you have to do is add "PC" as the platform and you are good to go. The only place where it might get a little hairy is if you wanted to differentiate between MS-DOS games and Windows-Only games. That's why I think the catch-all "PC" would probably be the better option.
If anyone has time, we could really use some content contributors. Thanks!
PC doesn't fit, had to write PCs.

I had many errors trying to upload some pics, most because of the fanart size : can you raise a bit the limit ? Something like 1.2-1.5Mo ?

Also a problem when adding a cover to StarCraft II. Here is both log and cover.
I started a forum where you can report issues with the site (as not to clutter up this board Tongue)

I believe the issue occurred because some HTML break tags were entered into the description field and .NET by default will throw that message as a security precaution. I've modified the site to not throw that error message and handle it more gracefully.

As for the fan art, I'll increase the limit to 1.5 mb.

I'll be promoting the code changes shortly.
If anyone is interested, I just promoted the initial version of the API to the site. Here's the link to the documentation:

If you have any comments, issues, or suggestions, please let me know! Thanks!
Thanks for API.
Looks great. I am actually writing on a game browsing script ( and have plans to add scraping functionality in a future release. I am sure I will have a look at your API when I start doing this.
hi, looks good. i'm wondering if relying on all those id's are really worth it though. in particular i'm on about
any particular reason why this can't be

reasons are
1) clarity - easier for api users
2) less breakage - no problem if the id's change

same with regions etc. can't they just be us eu etc?
like Spiff says; great initiative!

i'd add option to add screenshots, movies (gameplay/trailers) and some more fields for the game itself..

but great initiative! Smile | EFnet #EmuXtras
@spiff - Good point! I'll work on modifying those calls to accept platform and region abbreviations.

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