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Help Adding Picture/icon to each menu as i scroll
Hey Mcborzu i am going crazy trying to do this and i know it is easy
to do but can't figure it out so i thought i would ask i am trying to add a associated icon/picture to each menu as i scroll in your
horizontal mod like hitchers new alaska revisited home view so if pictures is selected like in the picture of alaska [/align]
there would be a icon associated to pictures?


Also i thought i would ask how do you bring a texture forward or send one into the background probably stupid question just trying to get my head around the whole skinning thing any help would be greatly appreciated.

Great skin by the way..
please keep default font to write your message, it's a bit oppressing.

have you look at wiki skinning, have you ever modified a skin ?

get us were you are to let us head you where to go
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Probably easiest would be to put the image in the <focuslayout> and add a poppy/zoomy animation effect with a small delay to the image:

Quote:<effect type="zoom" start="80" end="100" time="400" delay="200" tween="back" easing="out" />

Mostly just play around with different values and whatnot till you get what you like

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So this is where im at so far.

Image Image

pressing left and right scrolls through the menus press down pops up submenu

but what i cant figure out is how to have a image pop up with each menu
for example: if i was on videos and wanted to push right to weather a image for weather would pop up as i scrolled if i was to press right again to go to settings the weather image would disappear and a settings image would pop up.Now what i want to do is have a duplicate image pop up slightly larger than the other images this duplicate image is not opaque like the others and will look like this

Sorry if i am confusing anyone i know this is easy but am just learning this stuff ive looked in the wiki but don't quite know how to achieve this.
Is that coded up or mockup? Either way I like that look alot...

I re-read your post a couple times but didn't understand. Trying to explain animation/navigation in text is always hard...

Check out The Carmichael - A Skin For XBMC

Check out Night - A Skin For XBMC

Check out Unfinished - A Skin For XBMC
Great home screen, i love it! Big Grin
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Its Coded.
Yeah sorry Mcborzu i don't know what i am trying to say here haha i had spent like 10 hours straight looking at code and had know clue what i was doing so it takes me hours to do small things i am trying to teach myself and i am very passionate about XBMC but alas the truth of the matter is that i am a builder (houses) so this is not exactly my field of expertise but as you can see i have home menu setup disregard all that babble i posted before i had been at it for hours and didn't know what was going on i needed some serious sleep.

So its functional at the moment there are a few tweaks i would like to do which wont be a problem i am sure i will nut it out it might take me 25 times longer than anyone else but there's only one way to learn.

all i really want to do is have each menu pop!

you see all the small images i have setup
(one for pictures, one for movies, one for tv shows and so on)
at the moment they are just there as part of the background just images they have nothing to do with the menu at all.

now what i have is duplicate images of each of these they look the same as the ones on my home menu but are full color they are not see through (opaque)

so what i want is when i am browsing through my home menu (which at the moment has nothing to do with the images on the screen) i want to one of the pictures to pop up a little bit and if i was to press right the next image would pop out so you can see that it is moving through the menus not just a static image on screen doing nothing i want to pictures anamated so that the menu works not just background.

sounds ridiculous i know even when i read it i dont know what i am saying just bare with me i will get a video up and link it so you can see what i am trying to achieve sorry for any confusion/novel.
this view looks awesome on tv
kinda like the poster view on movies where the movieposter pops up a bit and fanart changes to that movie?
yeah thats all i want.
i think i will have to just have a play and see what i come up with the hardest thing i am having trouble with is getting a image to pop up with each option thanks for the help anyway i will see what i can do with it this week then post something

Help Adding Picture/icon to each menu as i scroll00