[Mac] Core Services Location for Weather
Snow leopard uses SkyHook to determine where your computer is. I forgot I set my Time Zone to automatically update, it's pretty cool to not have to worry about it.

Sample Code:

Rather than entering a zip code (and by default) you could set any of the 3 weather locations to "Where ever the heck my Mac is".

Great for those road warriors that travel a lot and often don't even know their zipcode. Plop down in a hotel room, fire up XBMC for some movies before the big meeting and check the weather.
Scratch that. Looks like CoreLocation doesn't work in the command line. However. PreyProject has some nifty bash scripts for Linux, Windows and Mac that uses google geolocation tool.

And sometimes you are between two weather stations, one of which is more distant but more indicative of the weather at your location. The one-time setup of a weather station seems fairly low-priority to me.
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