Enable the kiosk mode and access the above mentioned views.

The thing is that the options-menu is just invisible, that means its still there, but not accessable.
By trying to access the options-menu, the whole screens cant do anything by pressing buttons (because xbmc-thinks that there is still the options-menu).

So to clarify this a little bit, I am asking for something that would let us navigate from left to right (in the above mentioned tvshows-view for example). To make it flawless.

Please try it out, I hope you'll will understand what I am trying to explain...^^


I can do a video if you dont know what I'm trying to explain..

djdafreund, pls help for explaining it to sharpe.. Big Grin
I get what you mean now, would need a little more work. I don't have it in my skin either but not a bad idea.

Would need some include conditions:

!kiosk mode=
Onright/Onleft bring up options

kiosk mode=

Or maybe just nothing:
kiosk mode=

Would have to do it for all views, didn't directly test but would seem like it would work...

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It seems not to behave that way with wraplists for some reason - but yeah I can see how to stop it happening - just a bit of a pain I suppose.

Actually was easier to fix than I thought - I just needed to add the conditional visibility to the actual menu item the view's onleft and onright moved to as opposed to the controlgroup the menu item was under.
The Kiosk-Mode is now working fine over here.

Sharpe Wrote:ubuntuf4n - that behaviour changed because I fixed an error in the view. Previously it had an incorrect id number for the up and down controls which prevented it from looping back to the start when you got to the end. I'm reluctant to revert back to an erroneous version.

Okay, I'm fine with your idea of the loop-back when reaching the end of this view.
Just one thing: What do you think about enabling a loop-back for this view by constantly pressing right, right, right or left, left, left ?
Could you enable this in the next build for testing purposes?
I would like to see if it would give a more comfortable handling in real life.

regarding this view:


Do you mean if you press right it moves down and left moves up? That won't work with that kind of view because of the two columns.
I mean, that if you are on the left side (left banner chosen) and you press left, that you come than to the right side (aka right banner, same row)

So that there is no wall.

Same for the right side, so when you are at the right side and you press the right-arrow-key than you come to the left side (same row).

Do you know what I mean ?
Oh yeah I get you - just adding it now to kiosk mode
Thanks sharpe,

looks really good so far!, but one little thing:

I used it for a while and I think it would be better if you would change the focus behaviour like this:

Now it is like:
If you are on the left side and you press left, then you come to the right side (aka right banner) on the same row.
If you are on the right side and you press right, then you come to the left side (aka left banner) on the same row.

Nice if you could change
If you are on the right side (aka right banner) and you press right(-arrow-button), than you should come to the left side but on a lower row.
If you are on the left (aka left banner) and you press the left(-arrow-key) then you should come to the right side (aka right banner) but on a higher row

Please could you change this behaviour, I would like to check how it would be with this kind of behaviour.

Wow, what a complicated request for a 2 column list. LOL. Actually, i understand what you mean. I would think it depends on the behavior of a non-list mode, which i thought Sharpe mentioned recently. Hopefully i am wrong, as i don't see an issue with adding if it's not too much trouble. If you had (IE) a small wall view of say 6 columns instead of just 2, you would prefer it to jump to the beginning of the next row when moving right on the last item (like you said), as that seems logically correct.
But depending on the additional coding that MIGHT be needed, i wouldn't want to ask Sharpe to do more work then needed for a view that only has 2 columns unless it's a simple fix. Only because he's been pretty active, and don't want him to get discouraged with more and more stuff before he's finished with other things. Unless he's ok with it. I personally wouldn't mind seeing that being done either, but only if it's a simple fix.
I don't think that this is likely to happen anytime soon - I would need to have a long look at multi column panels to figure out if (a) this is actually possible and (b) how to skin it. Also bare in mind this proposed alteration would only be available in kiosk mode as in normal usage left and right should be used to access the screen menu. I really do have other areas to work on rather than just forever tweaking this view.

Not saying never but for now I want to focus on some other areas. It's a limited time and resource thing
I agree, you should concentrate on the other more important things.., because there are only few days/weeks left till the new xbmc final build. :-)

anyway, I made this screen:

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