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Backgrounds / Fanart in Music
I surpassed myself and my lack of patience by checking the forum extensively, but I was not able to find a satisfactory answer to the below question. I hope I didn't overlook anything, if so, please be kind and tell me where to find more info on it.

In audio you are able to use a fanart image to use as background when playing a CD in file mode. It's not more complicated than putting a fanart.jpg image in the folder with the audio files. Great.
But I am using audio in library mode and it seems I am stuck with a single background, which I don't particularly like. You can create a folder with the name of the artists and place images in there, but these will only be displayed when you are navigating back to the 'main menu' after you started the audio.

Is it not possible to have a background image / fanart for each individual CD (or: audio folder)? It is a lot of extra work (I am in the process of ripping all my 300-400 CD's etc), but it's one that I'd be willing to put the extra work in.

Thank you in advance,
xbmc does not support 'album' fanart.
in library mode it's 'artist' fanart only.

the fact that it works in filemode is because i'm using some workarounds there
as xbmc doesn't support fanart in filemode for music at all.

i have no idea if there is a workaround for what you're after..i've never tried it.
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