2 quick questions
First off I freakin love this skin!!! My girlfriend saw it for the first time and she is more stoked about it then maybe me ahhaah..

First question, on other skins there was a "Home Visualization" option that made us just freakin flip out. We enjoyed that and honestly we really want that so is there a way that I am not seeing how to add that or something, because it doesnt come up at all.

Second Question, how do i access open subtitle while watching a movie? Before I used to just hit enter and there was a little icon in the menu for subtitle.

Thanks so much =)
Glad she likes it, now I guess you got to go and get logos for Keeping up with the Kardashins, The Hills, and Americans Top ModelBig Grin

1. I never liked the visualizations but I'll include it for Home also...

2. Just set the option in Settings->Skin->General...I think it's the last button on the left?

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