App starts itself at random
Generally I try and keep as few programs running in the background as possible. Is it usual for XBMC for android to start itself at random? What I mean by this is I use a task manager to check what is running in the background and close programs I don't need. I close XBMC but the next time I check the task manager it is running again. This doesn't happen all the time, so its not like XBMC is starting back up as soon as I close it; like I said it seems to happen at random.
I've noticed this as well, but in my case there seems to be several apps that restart. Perhaps there is something triggering all startup apps to open? Just a guess.
What phone was this on? I'm using an HTC desire with Android 2.1 and sense.
HTC Incredible with Android 2.1 and HTC Sense.
From what you've said it seems this is either an android issue, or an HTC issue. If this is the case then I guess there's not much XBMC can do about it. Is it possible to make it a startup app optionally?
TaskManagers are the issue! You don't need any for Android.

The "issue" is, that if you make a phone call or receive a sms Android will start the remote because the remote registered itself for the "pause on call" and "show sms on TV" feature. It does nothing if you've unchecked the options. It is just showing as "running" because Android haven't freed the memory.
XBMCLive Dharma beta 2 running on an ASRock ION 330 HT
Thanks for clearing that up. I'm aware that Android can take care of background applications and resources for its self, but some people like to be in control of what is running (whether to preserve battery life or otherwise). If XBMC isn't actually doing anything when it reappears then obviously there is no harm in leaving it be. I'll just ignore it in future.
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