CouchPotato - Automatic Movie Downloader via NZB & Torrents

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oneadvent Offline
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Post: #2341
Not sure if this goes here or LaSi's thread, because I installed Couchpotato through that (because it wouldn't update before either).

When I update now I get this in the logs:

10:25:57 INFO  [                   ENGINE] Bus STARTED
10:25:57 INFO  [                   ENGINE] Serving on
10:25:57 INFO  [                   ENGINE] Started monitor thread '_TimeoutMonitor'.
10:25:57 INFO  [                   ENGINE] PID 13712 written to '/var/run/couchpotato/'.
10:25:57 INFO  [        app.lib.cron.yarr] YarrCron thread is running.
10:25:57 INFO  [p.lib.cron.traktwatchlist] Trakt watchlist thread is running.
10:25:57 INFO  [app.lib.cron.kinepolisrss] Kinepolis RSS thread is running.
10:25:57 INFO  [    app.lib.cron.movierss] Movie RSS thread is running.
10:25:57 INFO  [     app.lib.cron.renamer] Renamer thread is running.
10:25:57 INFO  [         app.lib.cron.eta] ETA thread is running.
10:25:57 INFO  [    app.lib.cron.subtitle] SubtitleCron thread is running.
10:25:57 INFO  [     app.lib.cron.trailer] TrailerCron thread is running.
10:25:57 INFO  [movie.sources.imdbWrapper] Using IMDB provider.
10:25:57 INFO  [.movie.sources.theMovieDb] Using TheMovieDb provider.
10:25:57 INFO  [rovider.yarr.sources.x264] Using [email protected] provider
10:25:57 INFO  [provider.yarr.sources.tpb] Using provider
10:25:57 INFO  [ider.yarr.sources.newznab] Using Newznab provider
10:25:57 INFO  [rovider.yarr.sources.nzbs] Using provider
10:25:57 INFO  [er.yarr.sources.nzbmatrix] Using NZBMatrix provider
10:25:57 INFO  [ider.yarr.sources.newzbin] Using newzbin provider
10:25:57 INFO  [             app.lib.cron] Starting Cronjobs.
10:25:56 INFO  [                   ENGINE] Forking twice.
10:25:57 INFO  [                   ENGINE] Daemonized to PID: 13712
10:25:56 INFO  [                   ENGINE] Forking once.
10:25:56 INFO  [                   ENGINE] Bus STARTING
10:25:56 INFO  [                   ENGINE] Listening for SIGUSR1.
10:25:56 INFO  [                   ENGINE] Listening for SIGTERM.
10:25:56 INFO  [                   ENGINE] Listening for SIGHUP.
10:25:56 INFO  [            app.config.db] Initializing Database.
10:25:54 INFO  [                   ENGINE] Re-spawning --quiet -d --nolaunch --config=/home/oneadvent/.couchpotato/config.ini --datadir=/home/oneadvent/.couchpotato --pidfile=/var/run/couchpotato/
10:25:44 INFO  [                   ENGINE] Waiting for thread CP Server Thread-12.
10:25:44 INFO  [                   ENGINE] Waiting for child threads to terminate...
10:25:44 INFO  [                   ENGINE] Bus EXITED
10:25:44 INFO  [                   ENGINE] PID file removed: '/var/run/couchpotato/'.
10:25:44 INFO  [                   ENGINE] Bus EXITING
10:25:44 INFO  [                   ENGINE] Bus STOPPED
10:25:44 INFO  [     app.lib.cron.trailer] TrailerCron shutting down.
10:25:39 INFO  [         app.lib.cron.eta] ETA thread shutting down.
10:25:38 INFO  [        app.lib.cron.yarr] YarrCron has shutdown.
10:25:31 INFO  [     app.lib.cron.renamer] Renamer has shutdown.
10:25:31 INFO  [    app.lib.cron.subtitle] SubtitleCron shutting down.
10:25:31 INFO  [             app.lib.cron] Stopping Cronjobs.
10:25:31 INFO  [                   ENGINE] Stopped thread '_TimeoutMonitor'.
10:25:31 INFO  [                   ENGINE] HTTP Server cherrypy._cpwsgi_server.CPWSGIServer(('', 5000)) shut down
10:25:31 INFO  [                   ENGINE] Bus STOPPING

error: cannot open .git/FETCH_HEAD: Permission denied
10:25:30 ERROR [       app.config.updater] Failed updating via GIT: GitCommandFailedException: Command 'git pull' failed in /opt/couchpotato (1):
10:25:29 INFO  [       app.config.updater] Updating

and it comes up and says it failed.
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Mar2zz Offline
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Post: #2342
You start it wrong. You have several options if you have used LaSi to install it.
Always start the daemon (that is the linux-equivalent of a windows startup service). Daemon options can be set in /etc/default/couchpotato. The daemon will always be silent and run in the background.

You can start or stop or restart the service with sudo service couchpotato start|stop|restart.

You just typed couchpotato. Which starts couchpotato in log to console-modus, but that is for developers/troubleshooting.

You need to start the service (which is started at boot if you edited /etc/default/couchpotato (see required settings)).

Or, if you want to run it quietly in a console by starting it manual start it with couchpotato --quiet. But, this doesn't make sense, use the daemon since you are on linux.

It says permission denied because LaSi installs programs in /opt/ which is owned by root. In /etc/default/couchpotato you can enable webupdates for the user that is set in that file, then the init.d script will change ownership of /opt/couchpotato to the user set.
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oneadvent Offline
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Post: #2343
OK that worked (changing the config file)

Just to be clear though I never started it with just couchpotato, always with sudo service couchpotato start

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nooz Offline
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Post: #2344
Just a couple of quick question re movie trailers

How do I get XBMC to play the local file when I click the trailer button in my library? Currently it always just streams one off Youtube.

Also, how to I go about getting missing trailers for the rest of my library, can CP do this somehow?

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stekre Offline
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Post: #2345
Is it possible to name the poster something else than movie.tnb? I tried setting the name folder.jpg in the config, but it was still named movie.tnb.
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castortray Offline
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Post: #2346
RuudBurger Wrote:I'm giving away stuff! Check out: !
(No still no v2 Wink)

any news regarding version 2.0 ?
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Adeiko Offline
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Post: #2347
castortray Wrote:any news regarding version 2.0 ?

Check this out:

Also from the last days there has been updates in the twitter feed talking about CouchpotatoDesktop!/CouchPotatoApp/st...9104143361

What is this about? Any new thing? :=)

[Image: watched-fanart.jpg]
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HarryRosen Offline
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Post: #2348
anyone having problems with the retention time? for some reason its not following my 400 day and it's grabbing everything no matter the rentention date
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johnmerrick Offline
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Post: #2349
my movies downloaded with cp are not scraping fully in xbmc. i get the runtime and year etc but not the description/plot. it has only happened since the update. I am using the imdb scraper. Any ideas?

if i add a movie not downloaded in cp that scrapes fully.
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HarryRosen Offline
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Post: #2350
I am having the same problem, doesn't matter which scraper I use. I think it might have to so with the way the metadata is downloaded in the movie.nfo
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speed32219 Offline
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Post: #2351
Posted in error. fixed
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xbmp945 Offline
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Post: #2352
xbmp945 Wrote:I've tried searching (both google and this thread!) but I just can't seem to locate the answer to my question:

How does using [email protected] as a provider work? When I select this as my only provider, CP does not grab any NZBs. Is CP supposed to fetch the NZB directly from the EFnet channel?

Or, does selecting the EFnet provider only work in conjunction with another provider? i.e., if EFnet and Newznab ( are both selected as providers, CP will only grab NZBs from that have their status listed as "filled" on [email protected]?

Thanks for your consideration Smile

Bumping my question! Can anyone comment?
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HarryRosen Offline
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Post: #2353
Anyone else still having problems with the nfo scraping and movie information not showing after couchpotato gets the movie and updates xbmc.

I have been looking at the movie.nfo it creates and I believe the issus is that when it creates the movie information is puts it as an <outline> not <plot> so xbmc doesn't pick it up. If i change the outline to plot it comes up fine.

Could this be the new way eden reads the nfo?
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stourwalk Offline
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Post: #2354
xbmp945 Wrote:Bumping my question! Can anyone comment?

Which version of CouchPotato are you using - there was a patch about a week ago that fixed the getting of stuff from #efnet and mysterbin - previous to that it wouldn't get any html returned from them and therefore never grab the NZB's.

I fixed it so that it work (well nearly fixed it - it was my first ever attempt at python programming and I forgot to import URLError (which was only needed if the url didn't respond...), but Ruud fixed that a few days ago..

I've been grabbing files directly from efnet successfully now.

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arabuli Offline
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Post: #2355
I created simple web app for Google Chrome to easily launch CouchPotato (it uses default port but download also contains manifest file so you can change it.)

Here is how it looks like:


After download finishes simple drag and drop .crx file to Chrome

[Image: widget]
[Image: widget]
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