Episode Info in File Mode Title

I'm having trouble making an adjustment to the PM3.HD 720p skin. I'm using file (non-library) mode rather than library mode because I prefer the control over content (and the fewer menus).

The problem I'm having is that each file is listed with the full name of the file.
e.g. ShowName S01E05 EpTitle.avi

This isn't especially helpful, particularly if the show name is long. I've been mucking around with the relevant InfoLabels in ViewsFileMode.xml, but only ListItem.Label seems to yield any output.

Is there any special technique required to extract episode information from a ListItem in file mode?

I'd be happy with a regex hack to remove the showname, but I get the impression that the available functions are limited by design.

Any suggestions?

You just can't do it sorry the meta info stuff just isn't designed to show in filemode
ah, pity. thanks for letting me know.
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