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[AppleTV] Karaoke?
(I solved my other problem!)

Well, I've been exploring what XBMC can do, and I'm a bit of a karaoke nut (sadly), so when I saw the "karaoke" option in the Music settings menu, I was pretty stoked. Not only can I play all my movies and music through my TV and speakers, but karaoke? Awesome!

I don't know the first thing about setting up karaoke, so I checked out the XBMC Wiki, which both helps and...doesn't.

I neither know how to get the lyrics files, nor do I know how to attach them to songs once I get them.

This didn't help so much:

And I have no idea what this even means:

What do I do? Is there a program/plugin/script for the Apple TV that'll let me do karaoke? Anything that'll download lyrics files as I select songs, or anything?
I'll even take suggestions that're non-XBMC, so long as it means I can have karaoke Smile

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