Strange Color Issues...?

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mfwilli Offline
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This is the main reason I've never used Alaska or Aeon or other skins...

Why do the movie posters and such darken images? Here I have the image as viewed in Pictures, then the image as displayed. Same for posters and thumbs...blacks, blues, reds, oranges and pretty much every color are so dark that some images can't even be made out. (i.e. the weather icon)

Videos play fine w.o any strange color, and it;s only a handful of skins (Alaska, Aeon, Xperience) that this happens with. Is this just me this is occurring for?

[Image: 23ubgxg.jpg]
[Image: 2bsk1z.jpg]

[Image: 34sgt41.jpg]
[Image: 27xklqa.jpg]

And finally the weather icon...I doubt this is how it's meant to be seen...

[Image: 5mir1x.jpg]

BTW...newest nightly build for OSX and Alaska Revisted.
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Hitcher Offline
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Moved as it doesn't seem to be skin related.
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